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MYLE - Make Your Life Entertaining

Need more stuff to do?

MYLE is a social activity and live entertainment app, serving as a one-stop shop connecting users to a curated selection of events based on their preferences. Get access to the most tailored live entertainment content you have ever seen. Worldwide access to festivals, concerts, sporting events, parties, and MYLE featured activities in just a click of a button.

Personalized. Curated. Tailored. Just for You.

MicDrop - Freestyles & Battle Raps

The first social networking app for rappers...

20 Second Freestyles. It's your time to shine, MicDrop allows any rapper to get up on the mic and show their skills! Rap your heart out-- choose between 9 different topics to rap about and see how you compare to others around the globe. OR if your just a fan, listen in! We got the best rappers RIGHT HERE. Gain access to an exclusive network of underground rappers all around the world.

Freestyle or battle rap with your friends.


Travel VR - The World In Virtual Reality

Want to travel the world, but not get off your couch?

Lucky you! We live in 2017 where virtual reality is one of the newest trends in gaming and tech. VR Travel allows you to experience places you have always wanted to visit with just a tap. Travel to Venice Beach, California, go on a vacation to Greece, or gander at the beautiful Himalayan Mountains-- all in virtual reality.

Couch surf and see the egyptian pyramids at the same time!


MUSY - THE Music Streaming Service

Want to listen to your favorite songs for free?

Of course you do! Musy is the world’s best, free music streaming app with high fidelity sound quality and crystal clear video streaming for iPhone. Discover exclusive music, audiobooks, lectures, comedy, podcasts, albums, and more that make for a simply superior experience. This is one of the only music streaming services with a robust watch app!

Try it out and see for yourself!


We create next level digital experiences.

Everyday Energy has released over 200 successful apps within the last few years, adding up to over 1M smartphone users available at our fingertips. Take a look at the digital experience we plan to launch next!